black barter exchange

Why Should I Join Black Barter Exchange?

In today’s economy, African Americans are 10% of the US population and have access to 1.5 trillion dollars of purchasing power!

It is a wonder, why a group of people with so much purchasing power get treated like the lost step-child in today’s society!

History tells us that African-Americans as a group has been fairly reluctant to supporting other African-Americans when it comes to your hard earned cash.

If you take a look at the Jewish community, they have less population than African-Americans but more economic clout and certainly more political power.

Black Barter Exchange (BBE) will give African-Americans, business owners and professionals an opportunity to buy and sell products and services with other users on the site without spending their hard earned cash!

Let’s face it, most African-Americans are a pay check away from poverty, losing their homes, vehicle or even worse. Isn’t it time that Black America realize that no one will help us until you decide to help ourselves?

Take a couple of minutes to check out our Sister website:

Read and learn the data and statistics of being Black in America, learn about Black History, success stories, wealth management, business and personal development and our 10 Steps To Prosperity just to name a few.

BBE will help our users to finally connect all the dots!

Users will be able to identify, network and recycle the black dollar with other African-American business owners and professionals. And the best part about this opportunity is that it is totally legal.

For our current users we say thank you for taking the first positive step towards black economic empowerment and to our prospective users we say join the club and become a part of something that is bigger than yourselves.

Feel free to reach out to us here at BBC anytime, we sincerely wish you peace, love and eternal happiness!


Oran Brown