Getting Started


    Welcome to Black Barter Exchange - Registration is FREE and fast! Once you have confirmed your account you can add listings, buy and sell your products.

    We are very excited to have you onboard!

    Step 1: Click 'Create an Account'

    Step 2: Fill in the form

    Email : A valid unique email is required, a verification email will be sent to the email address entered, email addresses do not display on the site.

    Username : Displays for your identification purposes and to keep your account safe.

    Password : Must be 8 characters long

    Captcha Word Verification : This verifies you are human, enter the image characters.

    Step 3: Confirm your email address - Check your email in a few minutes and click to the link within the email to confirm your account

    If you do not receive the email shortly you should verify it is not in your spam/junk folders. Add to your whitelist and try resending the confirmation email. To resend validation letter, sign in with the username/password you registered with and if you are not validated, it will give you a link to re-send the validation letter.

    Step 4: Create FREE Listings

    Step 5: Purchase Item, product or service

    Create Listings

    Follow the step-by-step guide to add your FREE listing to Black Barter Exchange.

    You must be a registered member of Black Barter Exchange.

    To get started log in to your Black Barter Exchange Account, then click 'Create Listing' in the navigation menu above.

    Step 1: Item Details

    Describe what you are offering to trade. Give as many details as possible. Include any shipping/payment details here. Choose the location of your item.

    For Wishlist, enter the items you are interested in trading for. The more items the better your chances. You can seperate each item with a comma.

    List the value of your item for trading or selling purposes.

    Step 2: Add Images

    Click Browse and locate your file to upload it. The images should be less than 1000kb. You can resize them for free here: Web Resizer

    Images must be in GIF, PNG, or JPEG format.

    Avoid using spaces in the name.

    Include your email address or website url in your listing.

    Click 'Yes' Featured Listing to include your listing on the home page to increase your chances of exposure.

    Featured Listings on the home page of the site is $150.00 Black Barter Dollars per month.

    Step 3: Categories

    Chose up to 3 categories for your item to display in. These will display in the left bar and when a category is searched by. You must choose at least on category, but can choose up to three. Please only add to appropriate categories.

    Step 4: Preview

    Listing Review - Preview your listing, to make changes click the appropriate blue tab to modify your listing. If your listing is ready to go click 'Post Listing' or click ( ? ) to pay any additional fees.

    Fee Breakdown - A standard listing is FREE, we only charge for Featured Listings on the home page Featured Listings.

    Save as Draft - Click this if you are not ready to post your listing.

    Edit/Delete Listings

    Sign In, Click 'My Listings' in the menu bar above.

    Edit Listing - Click the green button "EDIT" next to the listing you would like to edit. Then you can click any of the green tabs to get to the screen you wish to modify. Make sure you preview the listing and click post to activate your changes.

    Delete Listing - Click the gray button "DELETE" next to your listing and it will be completely removed from the site.

    Renew Expired Listing - Click the green "EXTEND LISTING" to renew.

    Sold Listing - Click 'Mark as Sold' to remove from active listings, but leave in your list.

    Relist - If the sale falls through you can relist your item.

    Draft - Click "Draft" button while creating a new listing and it will be stored in database but will not be displayed on website. You can publish it anytime from My Listing page.


    Purchase an item - Click the purchase button located under each listing.

    ACCEPT/DECLINE Orders - Click the 'Orders' tab in the menu. Find the 'Order', click 'Order Detail'. Details of the offer will be presented, and an 'Confirm Order' or 'Cancel' button. If you have questions or would like changes to the offer, send Trade Mail.

    Upload Photos

    Click the 2nd tab - 'Add Images' when adding/editing a listing.

    Click Browse or Choose File and locate your file to upload it. The images should be less than 1000kb. You can resize them for free here: Web Resizer

    Images must be in GIF, PNG, or JPEG format.

    Avoid using spaces in the name.

    My Account

    My Account


    Tax Implications

    Black Barter Exchange Business account Users will be provided 1099's at the end of the year, a duplicate copy of the 1099 will be sent to the IRS.

    Individual Black Barter Exchange users (non-business owners) who do not own a business, corporation, LLC you should be aware that bartering is considered taxable income, please contact your accountant for tax advice. Black Barter Exchange does not offer tax advice.

    Tips to avoid fraud

    It is imperative that you know what you’re buying!

    Read ALL of the sellers description – even the small print

    Read/ask about terms and conditions

    • Can I return the item for a refund?
    • Who pays shipping?
    • Will I be charged a restocking fee?
    • Print and save records of online transactions, including emails.

    Only buy gift cards from merchants you know and trust and be discrete with your personal information.

    • Do not give out your credit card, bank or financial information or your Social Security Number. Take advantage of completing transactions in person and at a safe place.
    • Do not email your financial information
    • Call Black Barter Exchange immediately if you sense any fraudulent activity.

    Be stingy with your personal information

    • Do not give out your credit card, bank or financial information or your Social Security Number. Take advantage of completing transactions in person and at a safe place.
    • Do not email your financial information.

    Reporting any problems or issues

    To the right of each listing is a 'Report A Problem' Button. Click this to report a problem.

    Reporting an issue helps insure the members of Black Barter are following correct procedures. It is the way to protect everyone on the site. Reporting a problem is confidential, no one will know who reported it.

    Additionally, Black Barter Exchange will investigate the situation in a private confidential manner and you will not be notified of your reporting message.

    Typically, Black Barter Exchange will work with a member privately to remedy the problem. If a seller does not respond to Black Barter Exchange’s communication or requests in a timely manner, the item may be removed, and the Users account can be suspended and/or terminated. In some extreme cases, listings will be removed immediately. Abuse of the reporting system by means of unjustified reports may result in the suspension and/or termination of your account.

    Terms/User Agreement

    Click here to read Terms/User Agreement


    Advertising and Additional Fees

    Users who wish to have their business, product or service featured on the home page (Featured Listings) will have an opportunity to pay $150.00 Black Barter Dollars. If you click on the Featured Listing when you create your ad, your account will be Debited $150.00 and your Featured Listing will remain on the home page until another Featured Listing replaces your ad. Only 12 Featured Listings will be featured on the home page of the website at one time, therefore if you are the first Featured Listing on the website, your ad will remain there until the 13th Featured Listing replaces your listing.

    If you need to borrow Black Barter dollars to have your Featured Listing profiled on the home page of the website, make sure and complete the Docusign agreement and if approved you can view (My account) to see your Black Barter balance and view your listing on the home page of the website.

    Site Sponsor

    If you would like to have your business card displayed on the home page of the website as a site sponsor, it will cost you $25.00 per month in cash with a three month minimum.

    You can also advertise your business, product or service on the “Advertisement” section of the website for $50.00 a month cash with for two months minimum.

    Black Barter Exchange Fees

    Black Barter Exchange fees are very simple to comprehend, you will pay Black Barter Exchange a 6% transaction fee in cash every time you buy or sell and the website. Transaction fees can be collected at the time of acquisition or collected once a month at the end of each month. If you have no transactions for the month, your credit card will not be charged.